My Life as a Wannabe, ‘Fittish’ Mom

Since becoming a mom, working out hasn’t exactly been a priority…

It’s not that health isn’t important to me or that I don’t feed my family home-cooked, nutritious meals as often as humanly possible.  But when it comes to an actual exercise routine, I can’t remember the last time I had one.  I’ve just been more focused on keeping the natives from killing each other.  And when it feels as though you haven’t slept in fifty years, losing the extra pounds you’ve been carrying around since having babies kind of takes a back-burner to your secret stash of chocolate.

Let’s face it, even if it doesn’t count as cardio, getting through the day as a mom feels like a workout.  Throwing massive carriages into the Jeep, carrying a week’s worth of groceries into the house in as few trips as possible, lugging laundry up and down stairs, carrying a toddler in one arm while vacuuming with the other, bench-pressing a four year old during morning devotions…  I might be dressed in flats and a floral scarf, but I kind of feel like the strong man at the circus.

Welcome to the gun show, my friends!

Dwayne Johnson: „The Rock“ zurück im Wrestling-Ring! Like the Rock says Don't sing it ..Just bring it !

When a well-meaning friend asks me if I’ve gone to the gym, I’m like, “No, but I dressed two kids in snowsuits and winter boots, so – you know – same thing, right?”

But apparently it’s not the same thing.  I mean, I sweat as much doing it and basically have to imagine an intense gym coach screaming over my shoulder to get through the task.  (I kind of think wrestling an alligator would be less stressful than trying to get my toddler’s thumb into the appropriate hole in her mittens).  But no, there is no workout called the “Dress Your Kids up to Play in the Snow” routine…  I imagine it’s probably because workouts are supposed to fill you with happiness-creating endorphins; and – generally – after dressing my kids up in their suits, I kind of want to punch a snowman.*

*No snowmen have been harmed during the process of dressing children to play in the snow.

But here I am, my handsome boy is four and beautiful little girl is almost two; and I am finally just now feeling the the first waves of motivation, pulling me towards working out again.  (I say ‘ first waves’, because it’s going to take a bit of a Tsunami to get me on track).  Just the other night, my workout clothes were lined neatly by my bed, there was a killer playlist on my phone, and my alarm was set for 5:30am to wake me for my morning run.  Oh yeah, I am woman, and I am ORGANIZED!  I even had color coded pens to record my victory on a pretty, new notebook (because did it even happen if you don’t create a chart)?

But the one piece missing from my equation was this very important variable:  my children.  They kind of don’t believe in schedules…  This time around, poor Princess K had a rough night of cutting molars, and with each cry of “Mama” – followed by snuggles in her room – I could feel my motivation slipping…

Midnight – “Wow, 5:30am is going to come early…”

Two a.m. – “I can still do this!”

Three a.m. – “Kind of thinking I should wait until tomorrow?”

Four a.m. – “Yikes, is it normal to be so tired that you walk into a wall?”

5:30 a.m. – “Maybe I can get into shape when the kids leave for college?”

To be honest, this is all new territory for me, because – up until the kiddos arrived – I was focused, fit, living off of whole grains, and running 10 – 15 miles a week.  Now I’m chasing my daughter through Dollar Tree and wondering if the doctor accidentally removed a lung during one of my C-sections.  Because I’m being outrun by a toddler, and I can’t breathe!

I haven’t slept in years, so – yeah – the last thing on my mind has been toning my body, losing the weight, and chopping up a salad when there is leftover macaroni and cheese sitting on the stovetop.  (Anyone else ever consider eating the leftovers in their baby’s scoop bib and calling it a mealNo?  Hmmmm, yeah, me neither…).

But lately, I’ve felt that pull, calling me to start running again!

(…to be continued…)

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7 thoughts on “My Life as a Wannabe, ‘Fittish’ Mom

  1. This is so hilariously accurate! I love how real and relatable you are with this Nicole. I feel like more mom’s need to hear they’re not alone in this struggle of trying to balance health and little ones. It’s no joke! ❤️


  2. Having motivation to do anything when you aren’t getting regular sleep is SO hard! Especially if that motivation includes getting up earlier than your kids. Whew. You’ve got this, though!


    1. I’m slowly realizing that the way I tackle working out is going to have to be SO different than it used to be… Back in the day, I loved to work out first thing. It’s obviously preferred over finding the energy after a busy day. But with my kiddos waking up early (AND still getting up here and there in the night), I really need to set aside a few evenings a week to run. It takes motivation to find the energy to run after a long day, BUT I never regret doing it. (And there’s just no way that I can wake up earlier than I already do). I feel like these past few months have really been all about trying to figure out what will work and what doesn’t work. Of course, once I figure it out, everything will probably change again. HA! Mom life is definitely never boring. 🙂 But I’m trying to see it all as an adventure and a journey!! 🙂 Thank you for the support and for always believing in me!


  3. Lol that Dory move is so stinkin’ hilarious (and accurate).

    Ok, so, I’m not a mom (as you know), but I sooo thoroughly love reading your mom-posts & I chuckled several times through this. Your writing is the besttt. You can only do your best & I’m sure it’ll all get easier as the kids get older! Can’t wait to hear how your running adventures go- I pray that your morning coffee works extra magic for you & helps give ya some extra pep in that running step! Thanks for sharing, Nicole—um, I mean, Supermom!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m seeing a VERY strong correlation between lack of motivation and lack of sleep. I don’t think I realized just how they were related until recently… When Kaitlyn has a good night of sleep, I’m much more motivated throughout the day and can much easier end it with a workout. So yes, for sure, it will get easier as the kids are older. (Brady is sleeping really well now, so it’s just getting Kaitlyn out of her sleep regression. She’s getting MUCH better, I can tell). For now, I’m definitely embracing my ability to at least get started. 🙂 Looking forward to ‘maybe’ running my first 10k this year!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw that all makes so much sense !!! Sleep seriously makes alllll the difference . Sounds like there is much more sleep in your future too with the kiddos sleeping more 🙂 so excited for youuu!


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